GKM Group Tracing

Having difficulty locating someone? Then guess what.............we can help!! 
GKM Group provide a fast, efficient and compliant service to trace nationwide debtors - be it an individual or a company that you'd like to reconnect with. 
Accessible within 7 days - or within 24 hours if you chose our expided service, our tracing service provides an easy to use interface. Just tell us what you know about the debtor and we'll do the rest. Our agents can access information from a multitude of databases and credit reference agencies. 
We understand that tracing people requires a specific skill and at GKM we believe we have this skill - with over 10 years experience in the tracing industry we are fully aware what is required to find some that 'doesnt want to be found'. 

Key benefits of using GKM Group:

7 days or 24 hours results
Full address history and if available contact numbers provided
Fixed fee
access to numerous databases and credit reference agencies
Vast experience of tracing debtors

So, whether it's a one-off trace or a portfolio of traces, we have the specialist skills to maximise the results.
Should you require our services then please feel free to either use the Contact Form , email us or give one of our office staff a call on 02922 677183