Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

   GKM Group Ltd has a dedicated commercial services department that deals with the recovery of Commercial Rent Arrears. We are experts in our field and can offer all commercial landlords with assistance in writing the lease with their tenant – a service that is rivalled by none. We can issue compliance letters to your debtor once they are seven days in arrears with their rent and will attend to recover the outstanding arrears if your debtor fails to respond to us.
We will always work under your complete instructions to maintain landlord/tenant relationships and will endeavour to take control of goods where necessary using our powers as set out in the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007. 
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Forfeiture of Lease

GKM Group Ltd understands that landlord/tenant relationships are key to achieving the full financial gain from your commercial property. We also understand that on certain occasions, it becomes necessary to forfeit a lease with your tenant. As a commercial landlord, you have a common law power to take back your property peacefully. We have vast experience of this and can help with whatever the scenario is. For a fee beginning at £395.00 (plus locksmith costs) depending on your specific requirements, you can delegate your common law power to GKM Group Ltd and let us take care of the situation firmly but fairly. ​​

We aim to complete all forfeitures within 24 hours. Call us today on 02922 677183 or E-mail [email protected]

High Court Enforcement

At GKM Group Ltd we understand how frustrating and time-consuming chasing a debt or CCJ can be. We understand that this can be a huge strain on your cash flow or finances when a debtor fails to pay what is owed. If you have obtained a CCJ or Employment Tribunal Award then we can offer you a free transfer up service (first time user). This is where your judgement can be transferred to the High Court, via our Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer, for enforcement. Once used the only fee you'll ever pay is a one-off payment of £66 for the cost of transferring your judgement.
Where we are different to our competitors is, in the unlikely event that we are unsuccessful in our efforts to recover the money owed to you, then our charge is only £75. However, we like to know that all our clients are satisfied with the service they receive from us, so if you’re not entirely 100% satisfied with the service and efforts made by our agents at GKM Group Ltd, then there is no fee to pay. That is our promise to you, that if you instruct us today you can rest assured that your priorities become our priorities also.

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   We appreciate that sometimes you need a tenant evicted from your property. You have a solution to a problem with GKM Group Ltd. We’re experts at conducting evictions and when you instruct us, you will see for yourself that our results speak for themselves. If you already have an order for Possession granted by a County Court then this can be transferred using our free transfer up service. There is a £66 Court fee but the first time you use us we'll pay it! Our fee for enforcement which is priced to be the most competitive on the market starts at £395.00 (plus locksmith charges).
We will arrange for your local enforcement agent to contact you to arrange a best suitable time for enforcement and to finalise any other requests. We are committed to your cause.

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Trespassers/Traveller Removals

As a Landowner, you have a common law power to evict trespassers from your land. You also have the right to delegate your common law power to GKM Group Ltd. All we need is a formal Instruction from you, which can be completed online and our experienced Agents will serve the trespassers with a written formal request to leave. By instructing us, we will then monitor the situation on your behalf and report back to you. If the trespassers occupying your land then fail to leave, our agents will then enter your land and remove them to return your land to you.

If you currently have trespassers occupying your land, call us today on 02922 677183 or E-mail  [email protected] for a fast and same day service