GKM Group Debt Recovery

   At GKM Group Debt Recovery - we're different! We don’t just send a letter or make a couple of phone calls, we work meticulously to make contact with the debtor to collect your outstanding balance​​

Your case is a unique one, and we don't approach debt recovery with a blanket approach and treat all cases the same. We customise our approach to suit the needs of your company or to maximise the chances of collections from your debtor. We have been in the debt recovery and enforcement industry for many years, with vast experience comes vast knowledge. We are more than confident that we have the right answers to meet the needs of all our customers. 

We understand that ongoing relationships is important and we have different collection methods for each individual scenario. You can trust us to work professionally and have your interests and your relationships at the forefront of our collections. 

If we feel the need to escalate the case further then we have the necessary in-house staff to escalate the case to the County Court and obtain a County Court Judgement (CCJ) for you. If you already have a CCJ against the debtor then we are able to transfer it to the High Court to enable us to enforce the debt via a High Court Writ

Key benefits of using GKM Group:

·         Nationwide coverage
·         Full tracing service included
·         No hidden charges
·         Your own Client Manager who will keep you updated at every stage

So, whether it's a one-off recovery or a portfolio of debts, we have the specialist skills to maximise the recovery of your outstanding debts. 
Should you require our services then please feel free to either use the Contact Form, email us or give one of our office staff a call on 02922 677183