Who Are We?

GKM Group is led by Gareth Short. Gareth started off his working career working in a local job centre, he quickly realised he had more to offer the world than sitting in front of a computer pushing buttons all day every day. 

He soon started working as a Private Detective, working on some of the UK's highest and well-known profile contracts, undertaking Covert Surveillance to help convict some of the well-known 'phone hacking scandals' that were published in the main stream media. He then began working as a Close Protection Operative, undertaking close protection (bodyguarding) for some of the world's most affluent people and some of the world most well know celebrities. This then branched out into the Security Sector where he supplied services from security guarding, event security to being a Security Specialist where he advises companies and individuals on personal and corporate security. 
It was only natural that the company would then take on the debt recovery and enforcement industry. Our agents and have a combined total of over 20 year’s experience in this field, ranging from single case debt recovery to working on the hit Channel 5 TV programme 'Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away' (Big thanks go to DCBL for this opportunity). 
We now employ numerous members of staff that range from High Court Enforcement Agents, Security Specialists to Tracing Advisors. 

Why us?

At GKM Group, we believe in bringing a new and fresh approach to the debt recovery, enforcement and security industry. We have over 15 years experience in these fields, ranging from undertaking Close Protection for high profile foreign dignitaries to enforcing High Court Writs on the hit Channel 5 programme 'Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away'. 
We are extremely proud of our experience and accomplishments and use these to ensure we cater our services to meet the needs of every one of our customers.

Our goal is to offer you both a professional and personal service because we aim to be the best. This means that you won’t be given the 'generic service' that most companies like us provide. We take pride in offering unique tailor-made services to meet your needs. Every person in this world is different, so why would we offer the same generic service to everyone? We tailor make the service we offer you to ensure we do everything we can to meet your needs!